Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kashmir- Just 25 Kms away Mumbai….

Had explored most of the Indian cuisines in Mumbai … but Kashmiri cuisine was something which I had not tried besides the Kashmiri Food Festivals at the ITC and Marriot. My friend Amardeep, once out of the blue moon referred to this place called POUSH -  A Pure Kashmiri joint and here we make a plan immediately to drive down the place and spend our Sunday. We left Andheri and reach this resort exactly in 40 Mins, thanks to some Jam at the
Bhayender-Mira Rd due to road constructions.

Had a thought that this would be just another resort with some kashmiri items on the menu but when we reached there it was more to it. In Shikara style there were independent boats and a sitting houseboat styled restaurant. Theres also rooms/cottages to stay, some swimming to enjoy and good drinks and pure Kashmiri food at this wonderful place called Poush – owned and run by Kashmiris….
Chaman (Paneer) Pulav

What we ordered on the special recommendation of Amardeep & Mini, the frequenters there and one should not miss these at all.
Dum Aloo
Kashmiri Aloo Dum – Chaawal (Kashmiri Potato Gravy with Rice)
Monje Nadier- thin sliced knol knoll and lotus roots pan-fried and cooked in red gravy
Chamani Pulav - cubes of paneer cooked in basmati rice and flavored with saffron
Varieties of Naan
And amazing Deserts (not to miss the Phirni in the clay utensil and Gulab Jamun) and Appetizers like Qaawa (Kashmiri drink)

Price Range – Rs 300 per person (w/o liquor)
Ambience – 3/5, Service – 3/5, Cost – 3/5, Food taste – 4/5, Overall rating – 3.5/5

A good place for party or a day trip and a good experience for the Non-Veggies (try Gustaaba, Rogan Josh) and Veggies too and one gets booze at a reasonable price too.

This place is at Malji Pada, Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway , Mumbai, Maharashtra 401104 and one can also check it out on

So, next time you get bored of the usual food, try this out…. Who said Kashmir is far off…its just 25 kms from Mumbai !!


  1. All of these dishes are so delicious and i am feeling hungry after reading this post.

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