Sunday, January 20, 2013

Khichdi Samrat of Mumbai

Khichdi Samrat, a small, old 200 sq ft eatery in the most busiest lanes of Mumbai, run by a marwadi family.

Location : Crowded street of Mumba Devi. Near Gulal wadi, also check the map attached.

Specialty: As it goes by the name, the only eatery in Mumbai offering innovative and varieties of fantastic Khichdi.

Overall Rating : 7/ 10

Food (Taste/Quality): 9/10
Quantity : 8/10 ...good quantity
Variety : 9/10 one offers these varieties of khichdi in Mumbai
Ambience : 0.5/10 ... Old world 200 sq ft, non Ac. Eatery, worth a visit from the taste perspective
Service : 6/10

Price : Rs. 100 Per person appx

Best dishes : Masala khichdi, palak khichdi, dry fruit khichdi, daal baati.  Rajasthani cuisine.

Avoid : Punjabi dishes which they were forced to start from a commercial point of view, I guess, as regulars would want more choice.

Special comments :  Parking a challenge in the busy Mumba devi lane. Checkout for daily Daal baati is available only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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